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M.S. Multiple Sclerosis vs NMO Neuromyelitis Optica

M.S. Multiple Sclerosis vs. NMO Neuromyelitis Optica


Our daughter was diagnosed with M.S. at age 15. About 1 year prior she was having a challenge with her vision and prior to this event became dizzy in the Grocery store. We made an appointment with the doctor and they began testing and said that she had optic neuritis and wanted to do other testing for M.S. We had no idea what this was, however, we agreed while saddened that she had to experience the testing which involved injection in her spine. Well the tests came back and it was negative for M.S.

About a year later Tanishia was in the living room with us watching television and began to complain about not being able to move her legs and that they were heavy along with tingling. I was at home alone with the children at the time, however, when her Father returned we took her to be seen by the Doctor. They began to evaluate until I heard in my spirit M.S. so I asked them to test for M.S. and told them that she was tested about a year ago and it came back negative but I’d like them to test again. This time it came back positive and so began the journey.

Tanishia experienced challenges off and on with her vision and at one time was told that she would be in a wheel chair for the rest of her life. We put the wheel chair in the corner and her father proceeded to carry her into Church services (our home church) until one day she was walking again. The challenges continued, however, we saw victories through the journey.

In 2007 Tanishia called and told us she couldn’t see. This was devastating as she hadn’t experienced this for some time now. Long story short we continued to believe for her sight while caring for her 24/7 in our home. We moved her with her so she could receive care outside of her own resident. Her Doctor said he had an idea and would like to test her for something. We agreed and the rest is history. He tested her for NMO which is a very rare and what we’ve learned not too long ago very aggressive disease. It’s been said that it isn’t good to treat NMO with MS treatments and could effect the progress or greatly impact the outcome.

I write this to alert anyone who’s been diagnosed with MS to make sure you’ve received the right diagnosis. Stay tuned for more on Multiple Sclerosis v.s. Neuromyelitis Optica.

About Tanishia: Tanishia was loved by and an inspiration to many. Very gifted in music and loved God. She graduated from High School and went on to obtain her degree in Early Child hood development. She always wanted a day care and planned to call it Robin’s nest. Like many young women Tanishia desired to marry one day and have children. She did have two precious God daughters that she loved dearly.
Tanishia will be remembered for her beautiful smile, warm heart, humor, Faith and tenacious fight. She loved children, singing and writing songs.

Donations are being received here for Tanishia’s Funeral/Memorial Fund http://bit.ly/love2tani



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