Monday, January 30, 2023

Success Stories

Read what some of Robin’s Clients have to say about the impact her Authentic Life and Biz Empowerment Coaching has had on their lives and businesses.

“Before starting with Robin I was full of ideas.
However, I was lacking a sense of direction and clarity on how to put my
ideas into action.After only one month in the program I fully
understand how important it is to establish an actual sales funnel and
how this moves potential clients from one level to another. I have
developed the first level of this sales funnel. I am also in the process
of developing the other levels. I now understand that I must have
multiple products developed.I recommend Robin’s program to anyone is who
is ready to put their ideas into action. This program is great for
those who want to become more than visionaries. This program is great
for those who want to become doers. Thanks Robin!”

Robin Wright
A Balanced Life


One of my success statements was related to me exercising on a regular
basis. While I am not grossly overweight,  I was carrying more weight
than my small frame could handle. I knew this because my knees started
to hurt constantly. After emailing Robin my success statements, I
committed to it. In addition to exercising I actually went a step
further and did some clean up in my diet. I can report today that I
have lost 5 pounds to date. I feel better and my knees don’t hurt
nearly as much.

I also sent in my limiting belief. At first I did not feel as if I had
one but through prayer I found that I did. And it was a big one! I have
proceeded with my action steps and praise God, He has confirmed what I
needed confirmation of. I’m still doing both action steps and I know
these will keep me moving forward toward success. I would never have
identified this had Robin not challenged us with this. Thank you Robin!”
Extraordinary Woman Extraordinary Life Silver Group Coaching Program

Mari Taylor – Author


“Robin Tramble is a one of a kind person who is a leader who exhibits
leadership to those who want to pursue  and gain excellence in their
own lives.  Her Leadership and Empowerment Coaching Program is for
women that want to change their mindset of taking control of their
lives and becoming leaders in their own lives.  Whether you are wanting
to start a new business, write a book or embark a new venture, her 10
week program will give biblical foundation and minister to the heart of
the matter, you!.”

Leadership and Empowerment Coaching Program

Jewel Williams

Founder of Jeweled Ministries


Before my 1/2 day intensive with Robin I felt that my focus was to broad, that
I knew where I wanted to go, but not how to get there. I felt that I
had a lot of pieces but did not know how to put them together.

my 1/2 day intensive I feel energized, excited and focused. All my
questions were answered and I felt I was able to put the pieces of my
puzzle together. Every
question I have was answered an It was the best thing I ever did
and now I am moving forward with my plan and business, I see growth in my business and me personally.

Gena Foster

Visionary “RE” Group


Before working with Robin in the Make it Happen 30 days of Empowerment
Coaching program, I was looking for a coach that could provide some
guidance and directions with the goals that I wanted to achieve. After
working with Robin I got more clarity on how to break down my goals and
focus on the areas that I could strengthen.  Then I could identify the
areas that I needed to work on more in depth and now I have more
confidence in pursuing the goals that I have set for bringing my Vision
to reality.  Robin has a great positive attitude and knows how to work
with her clients to help them achieve maximum results.  Thanks for all
you do Robin and may God continue to Bless you and the GREAT work you

Monique Spence-The Vision Coach
Houston, Texas

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