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6 Beginning Steps to a Profitable Twittering experience

6 Beginning Steps to a profitable Twittering Experience

The concept of social media has been around for ages – even cavemen posted on each other’s walls. ☺

The internet just scaled this to a whole new level with more than 1.5 billion people on social networks increasing by more than half a million a day.

The Big 4 key players were Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace followed by a new entry Google+ and Pinterest. Social Media also includes blogging, Youtube etc.

I’m going to share with you a little about Twitter. Some people just love Twitter and others hate it “literally.” Many times it’s due to a lack of understanding how to effectively use Twitter.

I started off with less than admiration for Twitter. I didn’t get it and some of just seemed silly. I soon changed that tune after I learned more about the effectiveness of it. I started off with a goal to obtain 100 followers so I would increase my changes of being mentioned as a #FollowFriday. This is where individuals suggest that others follow you. Well I soon learned that it was better to seek quality connections as opposed to the quantity, although the quantity does have it’s place. I know have over 9700 followers on one account and was named 1 of 25 urban entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter. Not bad huh?

Here’s a little Twitter 101 if you’re not too familiar with it.
Twitter is a communication tool to interact with people around the world by doing one of the following:
Sending people public short messages
Sending a specific person a public short message
Sending a person a private short message

•Step #1 Define Your Goals and Purpose
What is it you seek to accomplish with Twitter?

•Step #2 Identify and Research Your Audience
This is very important. It will assist you in your endeavors to gain followers.

•• Step #3 Plan Your Twitter strategy
How will you go about accomplishing your goals?

•• Step #4 Set up Twitter Account
Here’s one important tip. Complete your profile including a ideal prospect attracting Bio.

•Step #5 Make Connections
Your goal and audience are key to this step. Connect with your friends and family and then seek out leaders in your industry and follower their followers. Here’s an important tip: Make sure you post a few tweets before following anyone.

•• Step #6 Maintain Your Twitter Account (followers,following etc.)
You need to maintain a follow to follower ratio or you’ll reach a follow limit. Be careful when unfollowing as you don’t want to appear to have a strategy that includes following loads of people to get them to follow and then you unfollow. A Long term plan for profit.

I’m sure these basic steps have assisted you in getting started with a profitable Twittering experience.

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Here’s to your Twittering Success!

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12 Responses to “6 Beginning Steps to a Profitable Twittering experience”
  1. I’m still not a big fan of Twitter, but do find it to be a better business cooler than FB. What made it manageable for me was to put the business address (I still mine that I manage manually) on autopilot. I realize this is a no-no but it’s working for the time being. #Blogboost

  2. Great tips! I have grown to LOVE Twitter and it is such a powerful tool in networking and building credibility and influence!

  3. What an informative article! Great tips! Making and following our connections on Twitter is important. Personal tweets as well. We must know our audience! Thanks so much!

  4. Beth Ezidro says:

    Love the blog. Thank you so much!!

  5. Matthew Reed says:

    I’d also add that plug-ins like buffer or hootsuite are vital in managing your twitter feed instead of letting it control your schedule

  6. Lorii Abela says:

    Very informative post! Thanks for sharing…

  7. Great beginning tips for twitter. I recently incorporated Twylah into my twitter posting plan, and use that plus buffer and some other services to maximize my marketing. I am really interested in what I can learn from you. #blogboost #UBC

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