Thursday, February 21, 2019

Empowering Women: 2 Essential ingredients of a recipe for success

What does success mean to you?

Any endeavor for Women’s Empowerment will require you to get clear on what success
means to you. Without defining success for yourself you’ll follow almost any
opportunity that presents itself to you. And of course if you neglect to define
success for yourself others are willing to define it for you.
In most of my programs participants are given an opportunity to define success and to reinforce this they come up with 3 success phrases supported by coaching from me.
There are two ingredients that are essential to any recipe for success and I’m going to
list them for you below.

One key ingredient is to be persistent.

What is the definition of persistent?
Persistent: Obstinately refusing to give up or let go.

When progressing through the various stages of building your business or any other
endeavor you will at some time or another feel like giving up. Let me challenge
you now to continue. Have that extra stick ability. It is in your persistent
endeavors that you’re going to realize results. I like part b of the
definition; continuing without change in function or structure. Yes, the act of
being persistent is an essential ingredient for success.
The second key ingredient is that of being consistent.
Here’s one definition of consistent
Consistent: Of a regularly occurring, dependable nature
It’s one thing to continue and remain persistent, however,
you can sabotage your efforts without remaining consistent. For instance if
you’re using blogging as a list building strategy you’re not going to realize
the results you desire by blogging once per week. Your prospects will not find
that they can count on you to be there and provide valuable content for them.
Yes, you can be persistent, however, without the consistency it’s still not
Just as you can’t expect a nice meat loaf that holds
together without the eggs, you won’t realize results that hold without the
combination of being consistent and persistent.
Take inventory of where you need to tweak your recipe for
success. Is it in the area of being consistent, persistent or both. Write down
what you find and get ready to realize a juicy manifestation of empowering success!

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realize empowering success and make this your best year yet?

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How has a lack of being persistent or consistent in your
empowering endeavors impacted your life and business?

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