Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Get wisdom “The Principal Thing!”

Get Wisdom The Principal Thing

You’ve heard the saying – Give a man a fish he’ll
eat for day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

Have you heard of the story of King Solomon? It’s a
story about a king who succeeded his Father, David.
God asked him what it was that he desired and his reply was
wisdom. He could have asked for riches but he asked
for wisdom. I believe Solomon knew that he could have
riches and lose it all tomorrow and there he’d probably
remain. If he had wisdom his wealth would increase and
if he lost it all tomorrow he would have the wisdom to
build again.

The wisdom that Solomon asked for was not the wisdom
of man, but the wisdom of God, Super-natural wisdom.
God’s response to Solomon was ….. Riches. Solomon
was rich in more than material things. Many times this can
be the problem. We don’t realize how rich we already are.
You may have wisdom for building healthy relationships
and have received many accolades and yes you are RICH in this
area. Your concern, however, is in your finances,
your health or maybe the most important area…..how
to live a life pleasing to Father God.
Don’t look for a quick fix…

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Get Wisdom “The Principle Thing!”

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