Friday, June 5, 2020

Reader’s Q & A: How do I avoid information overload?

It’s time for a Reader’s Q & A. This is where I’ll take a question and provide the answer here on my blog. This post is on a very popular concern. It’s something may stop many from moving forward with their empowering success endeavors including starting and growing a business.

How can I avoid information overload?
Since information overload is an everyday fact of life, how do we know what to focus on and what to ignore?

Information overload will happen to many and may be the cause of some individuals giving up. A lack of focus can be a contributor. And I know. Acquiring the skills to remaining focused is key to your business success.

Being clear on your vision and your target market will enhance your ability to focus. This will help you avoid being distracted by all of the bright and shiny objects out there. In other words you won’t be so inclined to focus on anything but what you need.

Don’t try to follow everyone and read everything that comes to you. Only connect with who and what will enhance your particular business and support you in achieving your goals.

Here’s another scenario. Your aim may be to build your list/community and you’ve set a goal of increasing your subscribers by 500 in 30 days. You happen to receive an offer in your inbox about launching a product. Now it’s a great offer and can definitely provide some guidance in launching your product as you move forward with building your list. What you need to do is revisit your goals and determine if the more important thing is to stick to your plan for building your list or embark on a quest to acquire skills to launch a product that would do better if you had a list/community.

If the system includes the component of building a list/community and it’s in one of the first modules then it might be a consideration, however, if you already have a solid plan and system set up to reach your goal of 500 in 30 days why not focus on that first and then consider the program to launch a product allowing yourself time to focus.

Avoid information overload by becoming focused. Sustain your focus with a clear vision, goals, a plan and by eliminating distractions.

Here’s a bonus: Commit to a lifestyle of prayer. There’s nothing like the focus and clarity that comes from time with God. Plus He provides wisdom and wisdom tells knowledge what to do!

So now you have a basic intro to avoiding information overload what’s next?

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