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Women’s Empowerment Tips: Celebrate your Independence

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Happy fourth of July!

Independence is the quality or state of being Independent.
Independent: 1: not dependent: as a (1): not subject to control by others
True independence is to be able to do what you
want, when you want and how you want.

Celebrate your Independence, your ability to be more,
do more and have more. Many people including women have
paved the way for us to have the liberties that we have
today. If they were here to look at our lives would they feel that all
was for naught? Was it in vain?

What are you doing to achieve your dreams and desires…… Now!

Are you still wishin’ and a hopin’(sorry english majors)?

Do you have a reason (excuse) for everything that you’re
not accomplishing in life? If it hasn’t taken you where you want
to go so far, then why not let go of it and do something positively

Kick the excuses to the curb and Celebrate your Independence everyday!

There are girls and young women looking to us, but will they find
strong women with tenacity, passion and Empowerment?

I challenge you to get up now! Connect with like minded women,
a mentor and coach. Don’t remain on an Island any longer.

Reach out and claim your life back!

God + You =Empowerment!

Empowering you,


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