Monday, July 15, 2019

Women’s Empowerment: 10 Ways to instantly build self confidence

There are many different factors that contribute to women’s empowerment. I am not speaking of feminism, however, I am speaking of personal empowerment, spiritual empowerment, professional empowerment. One factor is having self confidence. Confidence in your ability to succeed, to accomplish to manifest your desire results and this is not outside of God and depending […]

Are you Sabotaging your success with the “Blame Game?”

Are you sabotaging your success with the “Blame Game?” What’s the blame game? You compete with yourself on how many times you can blame yourself for a lack of success in any given area. This is just one focus. It goes something like this ….. I can’t build a successful business because I don’t have […]

Boost your self esteem by overcoming Intimidation

What comes to mind when you think of intimidation? Do you feel that it’s a form of weakness or only for a certain type of individual? Intimidation can happen everywhere, in all walks of life and can occur in any age group. Being intimidated by someone is a form of being bullied, it happens in […]

Power up your self improvement by going out of your comfort zone

Power up your Self-improvement endeavors by going out of your comfort zone How long have you been where you are right now?Have you stretched yourself any in the last year, 2 -3 years, and how about 5 – 10 years. I know that seems like a long time, however, time moves on and before you […]

How personal development can boost your self esteem and render empowering success

You’ve seen it or maybe you are experiencing it yourself. A very intelligent and gifted individual that is short-changing their life due to low self esteem. Part of self-confidence is a general trust in oneself and a genuine liking of oneself. Self–confidence is also synonymous with self-esteem and self- worth. American psychologist Eric Berne used […]