Friday, March 22, 2019

My Christmas and New Year’s Gift To You

My Christmas and New Year’s Gift for you We know once Christmas arrives we have one week left before we bring the new year in. For the Christian Christmas is a time we celebrate the Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Although we celebrate all year long this is a unified celebration and […]

Manifesting prosperity through Spiritual Empowerment?

We are a spirit, we have a soul and live in a body. We are a spirit having a human experience. Although many of the theories available do no connect one to their Faith as much as alternative theories to assist one in realizing spiritual empowerment. I am definitely coming from a Christian perspective. Our […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, After Thanksgiving Save on empowering resources

It’s time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and After Thanksgiving sales! Whatever you call it, it’s a chance for you to realize some great savings.I know you’ve read or heard about individuals camping out since Monday just to get a deal. What? Well, you don’t have to gas your tank or press through the crowds […]

Breakthrough your limiting beliefs to personal,spiritual and business empowerment

What’s holding you back from realizing your best empowered delicious life? Do you feel like you’re stuck and life is passing you by? One of the things that sabotages many women’s success arelimiting beliefs. I often share on the power of the tongue and our thoughts.The subconscious mind is waiting and ready to move on […]

Women’s Life and Business Empowerment: Organization 101 Reduce clutter with an effective filing system

Have you heard the statement “A place for everything and everything in it’s place?” One of the easiest ways to increase clutter is to neglect having a system for incoming paper. Herein lies one of the hindrances to an organized office or home. it also hinders your ability to have a physical environment that supports […]

Life and Business Empowerment: Tips for getting and staying organized

d How you spend your time says a lot about who you are. How much time have you lost looking for something? When youspend time looking for things you are also losing money. Time is money right? If you are simply too tired or do not have adequate time to do anything in the evenings, […]

Business Empowerment tips: Resources to help you leverage your time on Twitter

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the talk about Social Media? Are you spending more than 30 minutes max per day on Twitter? Facebook? You don’t have to spend most of your day on these sites. I’ll share with you a couple of resources that can assist you in leveraging your time. Some […]