Saturday, February 29, 2020

Authentic Coaching Secrets: Finding Your Dream Clients

Do you think everyone can benefit from having a coach? Well most can, however, not everyone will benefit from having YOU as acoach. Nor should you think they will. The fact is, your knowledge,skills, coaching style and experience make you the perfect coach foronly a very specific person – sometimes known as your dream (or […]

Developing Your Coaching Funnel

Your coaching programs should offer several levels of commitment, just as with every aspect of your business  from free to high-end VIP days or mastermind retreats. Doing so helps new potential clients move from “getting to know you” to “raving fan” more easily, and helps ensure you always have a positive cash flow in your […]

Secrets Many Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers May Never Know

Secrets That Many Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers and Authors May Never know That Could Guarantee Unstoppable, Extraordinary Business Breakthrough in 30 Days! How sure are you of the Strategies that you’re using to Grow or Market Your business? Are you using tested and tried Strategies or Strategies that you’ve watched others use and simply […]