Monday, May 27, 2019

What Are Your Business Goals For 2014?

  While everyone is busy with making all kinds of New Year’s resolutions have you thought about what your business goals are going to be for the upcoming year? If not, now is the time to do so. What better time than the month of January to focus on a direction for your business? A great […]

Empowering Christian Women – Why Resolutions Fail

Why do Resolutions Fail? I know you may be saying not all resolutions fail and that may be the case, however, Christian Women at least many that I know don’t participate in the yearly activity of creating New Year’s Resolutions but for now let’s explore why resolutions fail. The main reason why New Year’s Resolutions […]

Importance of Embracing The Right Mindset for Turbo-charged Unstoppable Success

The Importance of Embracing The Right Mindset for Turbo-Charged “Unstoppable” Extraordinary Success! Is your Mindset sabotaging your Unstoppable Extraordinary Success Breakthrough? Many do not understand the power of your mind. It’s been said that we don’t use even 65% or our mind’s capacity. Imagine that? What could you do if you used even 10% more […]

Get Clients: Ready to double your clients, customers, sales? (personal help here) No Cost

Are you ready to Get Clients, Get Customers, increase sales? How would you feel if you could double your clients, customers and sales? I’ve been in contact with many women and especially christian women entrepreneurs world-wide and the common theme is they need to get more visibility, clients, customers and profits. Some have an idea […]

Special Things Come To Those That Wait?

Special things come to those that wait?   Have you ever heard the quote “Special things come to those that wait?” What comes to mind when you hear this? Are you a Christian Woman Entrepreneur wanting more but possibly have the following conversation? Some may take the above quote literally and their conversation may go […]

Empowering Christian Coaches – Are you desperate for clients?

Empowering Christian Coaches – Are you desperate for clients? An added niche of mine is Aspiring and beginning Christian Women Coaches. You may already be aware of the fact that I also have a passion for empowering spiritually minded Women, Aspiring, New and Enterprising Women Entrepreneurs. One thing that seems to be a common thread […]