Monday, May 28, 2018

The power of using relaxation to unlock your mind power

I’ve been researching more and more on the power of the mind andwhat I’m finding is incredible. I’ve stated before that we don’t useeven 55% – 65% of our mind’s capacity. Can you imagine how much we could accomplish if we unlocked our mind power? There are many ways that you can unlock your mind […]

Woman entrepreneur tips: Tap into the rich uniqueness of you and become a client magnet attracting your ideal client

How can you tap into the rich uniqueness of you and become a client magnet
 Attracting your ideal client? One of the major areas of struggle for a woman entrepreneur is that of attracting their ideal client and/or customer. One way to support this endeavor is to tap into the rich uniqueness of you! The […]

Women’s Empowerment: Could you be in your own way and don’t even know it?

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What keeps you up at night? Do you struggle with limiting beliefs? Are you influenced by the thoughts of others about who you are and find that when you start trying to play a bigger game as a woman entrepreneur or make endeavors towards women’s empowerment you shrink down to make them feel comfortable? Maybe […]