Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Secrets of Achievement and Change (Special) for you – Complimentary $197 rapid change private session

Secrets of Achievement and Change (Special) for you Do you have something you want to change or achieve in your life? Maybe you’d like to… => start a business => Grow your business => get a new career (or a raise) => lose weight => get your child(ren) to behave better ==>become stronger in your […]

Empower yourself: Know your self worth

Empower yourself: Know your self-worth Empowerment is a choice. Yours! It’s important to continue your endeavors for empowering success, however, just as important are the actions you take to empower yourself. ~ Robin Tramble What separates a woman from all of the rest who may not drive the finest car or live in the finest […]

Thanksgiving more than a Holiday

Thanksgiving1 : the act of giving thanks2 : a prayer expressing gratitude3 a : a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness We celebrate Thanksgiving day in the month of November here in the US and there are many festivities connected to this day. It is also highly commercialized. When we put all of that […]