Thursday, March 21, 2019

Empowering Christian Women Entrepreneurs: The First Step to Getting New Leads

How successful are you at getting leads? Some call them leads and others prospects, however, the ultimate goal is to have your pipeline full so that you have a greater chance of manifesting your desired conversion outcome. Where individuals including Christian Women Entrepreneurs get it all wrong is going after any lead. This is one […]

Get Clients: Ready to double your clients, customers, sales? (personal help here) No Cost

Are you ready to Get Clients, Get Customers, increase sales? How would you feel if you could double your clients, customers and sales? I’ve been in contact with many women and especially christian women entrepreneurs world-wide and the common theme is they need to get more visibility, clients, customers and profits. Some have an idea […]

Boost Your List Building and Increase Sales: Irresistible Free Offers Simplified

Boost Your List Building and Increase Sales With Irresistible Free Offers Made Simple! Are you ready to Boost Your list and increase sales by presenting your IFO that attracts clients/customers instead of repelling them?   What’s an IFO? I’m glad you asked. An IFO is the acronym used for Irresistible Free Offers. You may already […]

Stop leaving money on the table. Do this and realize increased revenue

Stop leaving money on the table. Do this and realize increased revenue I shared yummy insights for getting your message, product, service etc. in front of your exact target market. Amongst the insights shared was this golden nugget that when implemented will increase your revenue. And that is please, no matter what else you do […]