Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Say Yes to Your Best Life, Rich Life, Glorious life – Divalicious Secrets to Success

Calling all Savvy Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Ministry Leaders   Say YES to the Extraordinary Woman in You! Essential Divalicious (Diva – Delicious) Steps/Secrets to Creating and Enjoying Your Divine Empowering Life and Business Success!”     Do you ever feel stuck, stressed, confused, frustrated, wondering where to start, what to do once you got […]

Empowering Women – Women Entrepreneurs: Dangers of Playing Small

Empowering Women – Women Entrepreneurs : The Dangers of Playing Small How many opportunities have you missed out on or dreams have been sabotaged because of your playing small? I’m going to share 5 dangers of playing small. This is a very important read and I share it because of my passion of empowering women […]

The Power of loving yourself

The POWER of loving yourself Have you read in the bible where it says love others as you love yourself?The problem is that all too many times individuals don’t love themselves. Do you love yourself? I know that’s kind of an awkward question, however, you probably haven’t given too much thought to it or you […]

Empowering your Children and Teens

Empowering our Children I have a free report Barriers to Empowerment and I ask each recipient of my report what their most pressing question is about empowerment. One gentleman answered “How to empower my children.” I thought it was very endearing and also knew that he was very serious by some of the other detail. […]

Empowering women: How’s your Fabulousity?

Beauty……………. Inner/Outer beauty matters – some may say outer beauty doesn’t matter because maybe they don’t know how to achieve the desired result or other reasons, however, your potential employers or clients see the outer package first. Maybe you’re saying “I work online.” That’s another topic by itself. I will say that you need to […]

Personal Empowerment: Learn to say no

Personal Empowerment: Learn to say no When asked to take on a task and you know that you don’t have time to fit it in your day do you 1) Say I’m sorry I’m unable to do that at this time 2) Say I’m sorry I’m unable to do that at this time while feeling […]

Wealth Factors and the Power of The Mind

Do you understand the power of your mind? It’s been said that we don’t use even 55 – 65% of the capacity of our mind. Our thoughts are the core or most important aspect of creating wealth. How our mind works and should work towards creating wealth is extremely essential. What’s in our head will […]

Empowering women: Simple tips to boost your confidence

This is a subject that I know all too well about. A lack of confidence
 almost sabotaged my destiny and empowering success. Now I’m on the
 road to building my Empowerment Empire confidently, with Faith
 and courage. My passion now is empowering women! Have you ever tried looking at yourself in a full-length mirror? Did […]