Friday, June 5, 2020

Unleash Your Most Powerful Authentic Self In This Place

What did you want to do when you were just a child before society, parents, your environment influenced you. Maybe you are doing everything you dreamed of and I say what a blessing and congratulations. There are some of you who like myself were influenced by circumstance, your environment, negative and painful events etc. If […]

Write the Vision, Make It Plain: Be Open to God’s Optical Adjustments – Guest Blog Post

Write the Vision, Make It Plain and Always Be Open to Gods’ Optical Adjustments I remember when God first opened my eyes to a hint of the ministry that He was calling me to. Since I had previously been in a marriage situation where I wasn’t freely able to function in such a capacity, when […]

Is an unhealthy soul holding you back?

Are you satisfied with where your life is right now? Yes? Great! No? Could an unhealthy soul be holding you back? Past hurts, relationships,, society, environment can all affect your soul and unless you deal with it you’ll continue to go on throughout life affected by an unhealthy hurting soul. One hindrance to a healthy […]

Spiritual Empowerment: Encourage Yourself

Encourage Yourself © 2012 Robin Tramble Do you find yourself overjoyed, excited and passionateabout the things Father God has called you to do only todiscover when life happens that you cannot sustain yourjoy, excitement and passion? Don’t feel bad this happens to us all. One thing you must knowis that it is not to be […]

Spiritual Empowerment: He’s got you covered

He’s got you covered Is it just me or do we tend to run away fromFather, God when we’ve made mistakes or receivethe lie from the adversary that we are not goodenough? I remember wanting so much to pleaseGod that I would turn away from Him in an effortto show my sincerity in living a […]

Manifesting prosperity through Spiritual Empowerment?

We are a spirit, we have a soul and live in a body. We are a spirit having a human experience. Although many of the theories available do no connect one to their Faith as much as alternative theories to assist one in realizing spiritual empowerment. I am definitely coming from a Christian perspective. Our […]

Empowering Women: Peace-able life Rich life Inspiration

Know God Know Peace No God, No Peace You shall go out with joy,And be led out with peace:The mountains and the hillsShall break forth into singing before you,And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.Isaiah 58:12 I don’t know about you but that sounds soooo good,refreshing and rejuvenating. In my earlier […]

Breakthrough your limiting beliefs to personal,spiritual and business empowerment

What’s holding you back from realizing your best empowered delicious life? Do you feel like you’re stuck and life is passing you by? One of the things that sabotages many women’s success arelimiting beliefs. I often share on the power of the tongue and our thoughts.The subconscious mind is waiting and ready to move on […]