Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Do you need support putting together your plan for 2011?

This year is moving right along and if you haven’t become clear on your vision, discovered what’s holding you back and laid some concrete plans you need to get going now. As a woman entrepreneur you may find that it’s easier to do some things on your own, however, charting your course for the year […]

Women’s Empowerment: My Story

Everyone has a story. No one just woke up one day and succeeded because they were tapped with a magic wand. So what does my story include where it concerns Women’s and Woman Entrepreneur’s Empowerment. I can say that I’ve always had an interest in business. From the time I was a little girl with […]

Empowering Women and Woman Entrepreneurs: Are you your own worst enemy?

Are you your own worst enemy? How many times have you started out with a Bang and end up with a fizz? It goes something like this. You have a great idea or maybe we’ll call it a bright idea. You’re excited and can’t sleep at night because ideas are flowing and you can’t turn […]

Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Creating buzz in your business

When is the last time you watched a movie? How did you come to find out about the movie? Was it via the previews on television, billboards, advertisements via fast food restaurants? Maybe you learned about it through a friend, however, your friend had to be influenced and persuaded by some time of buzz that […]

Empowering women: Get up!

The time has come. God has gifted you with an incredible ability to providefor yourselves through your gifts. What are you doing? Are you maximizing your life or are you playing small, accepting the dictates ofsociety, negative people or the media? Maybe you’re sabotaging your empowering success due to a lack of wisdomand knowledge. “Wisdom […]

Christian Women’s Empowerment: Run to Him

Have you ever felt like running away from God because what you did or did not do was less than what you know Father God would expect of you? These are the times that Father God wants us to draw close to Him. He has already provided grace. Not so that we may sin the […]

Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Why should I get started in Coaching?

What is all the fuss about coaching? I’ve been getting questions from someof the women in my tribe/network and most want to know how they can get startedin the coaching business. I’m sure each of them have varying reasons why theyare interested. If you have a desire to help othersthat would be one reason to […]

Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Are you afraid of these three words?

I need help! Those are two of the most feared words for many that I know of. Why is this? Do you feel that asking or admitting that you need help means that you’ve failed or maybe you feel inferior? Let’s take a look at the consequences of not asking for or seeking help. You […]

Woman Entrepreneur empowerment: Increase your bottom line. Add income streams

How would you like to increase your bottom line? One way to increase your bottom line is by adding income streams. I’m going to share with you possible income streams. You don’t have to be stuck with one way of bringing in revenue. There are ways to monetize your efforts.Here are a few options. Public […]

Women’s Empowerment: Make it Happen! It’s your life

It’s been a few years now and you’re at the end of year still looking at that bright idea, talking about your dream life, business and more. It seemed so easy and you were full of energy not to mention the passion that exuded from your very being. What happened? Sometimes you don’t even want […]

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