Monday, August 3, 2020

Empowering women: Who are you? How not knowing for yourself can rob you of years

Who are you? How not knowing for yourself can rob you of years I’ve had the opportunity to interact with many women across the world. My passion is empowering women to discover their authentic self, get unstuck, laser focused so they can make big changes and manifest results faster then they ever have before. One […]

Empowering Women: Stressed-less living and Exercise

Did you know that stress can be attributed to 90% of all chronic diseases? Stress is a silent killer and it’s now more important than ever before to take it seriously. Even though exercise may not be the most exciting word in your vocabulary, it sure is a word with a lot of benefits. Participating […]

Savvy women and Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Get Unstuck and activate your dreams!

“What if you could finally get unstuck, mergeonto the highway of ultimate success and activate your dreams?” I speak with many Savvy women and Woman Entrepreneurs who are filledwith mixed emotions. Quite a few are simply stuck. Do you ever feel stuck, stressed, confused,frustrated,wonderingwhere to start,what to do once you got started to stay motivated […]

The power of using relaxation to unlock your mind power

I’ve been researching more and more on the power of the mind andwhat I’m finding is incredible. I’ve stated before that we don’t useeven 55% – 65% of our mind’s capacity. Can you imagine how much we could accomplish if we unlocked our mind power? There are many ways that you can unlock your mind […]