Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Women’s Empowerment: Does God Care About Your Success Mindset?

Does God care about your success mindset?(c) Robin Tramble How did that make you feel? Did you have an immediate yes of course He does or did you ponder just a bit? There are many experts that talk about your mindset, however, Father God referred to it in His word on many occasions. One verse […]

Empowering Women: 7 Cannon Ball Barriers to Empowering Success

7 Cannon Ball Barriers to Empowering success Success is something that we long for from our child hood. The seed for empowering women and having my own business was planted years ago. I remember playing with my siblings and they considered mere play but no I was serious. I had a pink cash register, prices […]

Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Boost your confidence and increase your client magnetism

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. Norman Vincent Peale It’s important to invest in yourself. Especially as a savvy woman and Woman Entrepreneur. However, investing in yourself is only one step in the process. How many programs, […]

Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Don’t take it personal

Don’t take it personal Okay a funny thing happened today. I got this bright idea to write this postand was encouraged to do so. I received an email and I was sure it was going tobe filled with affirmations for the call and audio. Well, to my amazement it wasn’t.She said there was no where […]

Authentic Life Empowerment Coach helps women empower themselves even in difficult economic times

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Are you overwhelmed by the media and other communications about the economy? Empowerment is a choice. An unstoppable woman is always pursuing solutions for realizing empowerment regardless of circumstances and the current economic down-turn. There has been talk about recovery from the recession and then there’s talk about certain areas being in trouble. One thing […]

Woman entrepreneur tips: Tap into the rich uniqueness of you and become a client magnet attracting your ideal client

How can you tap into the rich uniqueness of you and become a client magnet
 Attracting your ideal client? One of the major areas of struggle for a woman entrepreneur is that of attracting their ideal client and/or customer. One way to support this endeavor is to tap into the rich uniqueness of you! The […]

Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: 3 Mindsets to avoid when building a thriving business

Is your mindset holding you back? Don’t know? I’m going to share 3 mindsets to avoid. 1) I’m not good enough. I’ve been there and have seen all too many times women who are always Getting better and this is not simply personal development it’s continued activities based on the comparison with others. You should […]

Women’s Empowerment: Could you be in your own way and don’t even know it?

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What keeps you up at night? Do you struggle with limiting beliefs? Are you influenced by the thoughts of others about who you are and find that when you start trying to play a bigger game as a woman entrepreneur or make endeavors towards women’s empowerment you shrink down to make them feel comfortable? Maybe […]

Women’s Empowerment tips: The University of Life: What’s Your major?

The University of Life What’s your major? Life……many of us have regrets, disappointments, surprises, ups and downs, laughter and sadness. Above everything we could consider negative instances in our lives the fact still remains we have….LIFE! Negative instances in our lives will certainly surface in the midst of your endeavors for Women’s Empowerment. When I […]

Women in business tips: One thing to avoid when trying to make money online

Are you struggling to make money online? Are you trying everything but it seems that nothing’s working? Maybe you continue to invest in programs, products etc. and it’sjust not coming together. I talk with many Women in business and one thing that is clear isthat many have a challenge with making money online. You cannotbelieve […]

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