Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Building a Foundation To Balance Your life Presenting Jill Hart

It’s been a POWERFUL 2 days so far where our speakers have provided personal, spiritual and business empowerment. All of the ladies that attended the sessions or will listen later will never be the same after the impact of this Virtual (online) Retreat designed with Spiritually Minded women in mind. One thing that women may […]

A mindset for Business success: 3 Critical changes to create the life and business you want!

If you know me you know that somewhere in my talk I’m going to allude to the power of having the right mindset. Whether I’m talking about mastering your mindset, making mindset shifts, renewing your mind or other I will in some way tie this in. The International Christian Women Entrepreneurs network and Robin Tramble […]

6 Speakers to EMPOWER Spiritually Minded Women and Entrepreneurs during Virtual (online) Retreat

6 speakers to EMPOWER Spiritually Minded Women and  Entrepreneurs during Virtual (online) Retreat Christian Women are encouraged to step up and catapult their personal, spiritual and business growth via an empowering virtual (online) Retreat. Experience Rejuvenation, Empowerment and Spiritual Renewal during this no cost event. (Press Release) – Aug 10, 2011 – Imagine receiving insight […]

Empowering spiritually minded women: Rejuvenation, Empowerment and Spiritual renewal

Are you a spiritually minded woman or woman entrepreneur or you aspire to be? How would you like to invite Spiritually Empowered Women into your home to share wisdom and insights on Mindset success and more? And all at no co.st to you? “Do you feel like you have a great call on 
your life […]