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Low and No Cost Ways to Market Your Direct Sales Business

Low and No cost Ways to market Your Direct Sales Business You can share with your friends, family and other circles, however, you’ll find that this will come to an end leaving you with your hands up and a big question mark as to where to find customers now. This holds true for not only […]

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: The Power of Community

The Power of Community What is community? Here’s a general definition taken from The Miriam Webster Dictionary 1 : a unified body of individuals: 3: a. joint ownership or participation b: common character: likeness c: social activity: fellowship d: a social state or condition I’m sure many feelings come up for you as women entrepreneurs. […]

Woman Entrepreneur empowerment: Increase your bottom line. Add income streams

How would you like to increase your bottom line? One way to increase your bottom line is by adding income streams. I’m going to share with you possible income streams. You don’t have to be stuck with one way of bringing in revenue. There are ways to monetize your efforts.Here are a few options. Public […]

Stress and the Work at Home Woman: Tips to help you reduce stress

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Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every morning with a smile on your face,energy and life balance? Work at home women are experiencing their share of stress. Between caring for family, their business, nurturing their Faith and other roles it can be a bit overwhelming. Did you know that stress can be attributed to […]

Women are coming from North and South Carolina, Washington and California for Empowerment Gathering Sacramento, CA

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Women are coming from North and South Carolina, Washington, and California for Empowerment Gathering Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA, August 5, 2010 — The Empowerment Gathering live is a half day empowerment and networking event that promises to empower women to realize more time, more money, enjoy life more with less tress and frustration and to […]