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A Woman Entrepreneur and Procrastination: I want to live, maybe tomorrow

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You could be losing thousand’s , maybe millions!
Is life is passing you by?

You as a woman entrepreneur have many temptations to
put things off for another day, hour or month. If you look back
I’m sure you will find time that if restored would render you
thousands of dollars. We all have been given 24 hours the difference
is how we use this time.

“A unstoppable woman entrepreneur knows the value and power of leveraging her time.” ~ Robin Tramble

“Time is fulfilling its assignment waiting on no man.
Are you fulfilling your assignment waiting on no man,
no-thing?” ~ Robin Tramble

If we could reap the benefits of the riches in a place
called the grave we would probably be able to settle
the financial challenges of this world. Unfortunately we
cannot do that. The grave is filled with good intentions.
What will good intentions do for them now?

I was speaking with a new-found friend and we
began talking about how we are getting older and
to what can our lack of success be attributed. We
reached an agreement on one area in particular

There is a psychological aspect to the activity of procrastinating.
It is known that we can tend to develop a habit that is learned
by our doing certain activities, which don’t result in a
satisfactory manner, and therefore it may cause us to feel
discouraged. After continued episodes we don’t desire or are
not inspired to continue in that manner. When an opportunity
does arise for another episode we withdraw because of our
association with past feelings surrounding this area.

Let’s look up the word: Procrastination
VERB: Inflected forms: pro•cras•ti•nat•ed,
pro•cras•ti•nat•ing, pro•cras•ti•nates
INTRANSITIVE VERB: To put off doing something,
especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
TRANSITIVE VERB: To postpone or delay needlessly.

Laziness? Yes, it includes laziness. If we’re honest with
ourselves we can find some areas of laziness where it
concerns pursuing our goals, completing tasks, taking time
to show love to our loved ones with a phone
call, letter, card or even a visit.

My husband and I have experienced the grief of feeling
the urge to call a loved one and express our love only
to receive a call one week later that this individual is gone.
Pain? Yes! Did we learn anything from that experience.
Most definitely, we don’t put off calling our loved ones.

My question would be why do we put off doing something?
Why do we postpone or delay needlessly? You’ll find the following as
noted in my ebook The Dynamic Power of Focus

1. Fear – I believe we are held captives by our fears of failure,
incompletion, anxiety etc.

2. Lack of purpose – If we would search for the fullness of our
purpose in life we would be ignited with a passion for life and
pursue avenues to propel us toward our goals.

3. Lack of passion – Passion will drive you, energize you and
pull you toward success. Passion will move you toward a
continued pursuit of success in live.

4. Health challenges – If your health is in a poor state,
you will postpone activities that tend to remind you of
exhaustion, pain, discomfort etc.

There are a few steps you can take to begin your journey
to overcome procrastination.

Prayer – Father God is ready and willing to help you.
Ask Him for supernatural wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Don’t entertain fear. Use your energy to become faith-full.

Re-ignite your passion for your purpose in life.
Knowing your purpose causes you to wake with energy.

Begin setting short term reachable goals. Don’t start with a goal
such as “I will lose 20 lbs in 30 days”. You are setting
yourself up for the feeling of failure and incompletion. You want to set
your self up for victories. Start with things you can do daily to
work toward reaching your long term goals.

Reward yourself for achieving your goals.

Spend time daily reading the bible. Prayer and reading your bible
will re-freshen your vision for life.

The above are a few steps to set you back on the road to productivity
which will ultimately result in good success. Do you want to live?
Procrastination is stealing lives, ideas, relationships, destiny and
the list goes on.

Don’t wait till tomorrow. Who knows whether it is promised.

(c) Robin G. Tramble

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