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Productivity Secrets: Beware of the Time Thief Email Overwhelm and tips to eliminate it

Productivity secrets: Beware of The Time Thief Email Overwhelm and tips to eliminate it

Are you a victim of Time thieves?

I asked this question on my previous post about
Productivity secrets where I shared a few Time thieves that you might be
dealing with.

Maybe that would be easier to answer if you knew what time thieves were. And
quite possibly you already know what they are but need to be reminded of how
much they are stealing from your Destiny, from your relationships, okay from
your life.

I’m sharing another post on Productivity secrets because it is one area that most women have a challenge with whether in business or their personal life.

You’ve probably given into most of the time thieves I mentioned in my other post.

In this post I want to focus on the Time thief “Email Overwhelm.”

The ability to send emails has contributed to productivity in the office
whether you have an office at home or in the workplace. It’s become such a
part of our daily activities that we’ve forgotten about the snail mail,
which can end up being more effective due to the fact that some people
don’t even open most of their emails.

However, there are certain downsides to using email as a means of communication. Do you check your emails many times in the day?

If so you’re hampering your productivity. It can end up being a very
time-consuming activity.

Here are a few tips on how you can eliminate Email overwhelm.

1. Check your emails a maximum of twice a day. If you want to
accomplish many tasks, limit your time in reading your emails. Suitable times would be first thing in the morning (to take care of urgent matters) and a few minutes before you end your work (to catch up with last-minute concerns).Now I wouldn’t suggest that you check emails first if at all
possible. Try to do at least 3 money producing activities before you
check emails. This all depends on your particular business.

2. Set up templates or a “Frequently Asked Questions” page. 

The same questions can be repeatedly asked by different people – things like how
to operate a certain product, how to download a resource, how to join
your affiliate program, and so forth. It is obvious that typing the same
answers to the same questions over and over again is
extremely time-consuming. It is therefore advisable to set up
templates of answers so you can just copy and paste them whenever the
same questions are being asked again.

A better way is to set up a “Frequently Asked Questions”
page so you can just refer people to it when they have queries. The
only time they’ll email you again is when their concerns have not
been properly addressed. I’m having this updated on my site as well.

3. Reply briefly. Answer your emails clearly and to the point. Don’t
overcomplicate the explanation. Never reply to spam messages or to junk mails.

This is a great start to eliminating Email overwhelm, however, I mention a
few more on my Tele-class Get it Done – Make it Happen: Get Focused, Make Big
Changes and Get Results!

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What will you take from this post and use before your head hits the pillow? I’d love
to read your comments.

Empowering you!

Robin aka “The Empowerment Diva”

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