Thursday, February 21, 2019

Client Attraction Tips: How Do I Find Clients?

Does this question stay at the fore-front of your thoughts?

Is it something that consumes your day so much so that you’ve become frustrated and are close to giving up?

I speak with many brilliant christian women entrepreneurs, christian women in business, coaches at times authors and speakers on a weekly basis and most are either frustrated by a lack of clients or customers.  Today I’m focusing more on client attraction.

How do I find Clients?

Do you know who your ideal client is? Do you have information that you’ve collected about your ideal client?

Are you afraid to identify your target market because you think you’re limiting yourself?

The question then should be “How do I empower myself to attract my ideal clients?”

And then of course you might follow with “How do I position myself to
be the Coach, Consultant, Trainer etc.” that my client is looking for?

When you find that you’re not getting the answers that you need you might try asking different questions.

There’s no magic wand for attracting clients, however, there are
specific proven steps to position yourself to successfully achieve your

I have developed a formula that will allow you to navigate not only the path towards attracting clients but also conversions.

Part of your problem may be found in your neglecting the first step in my formula.

There are also 4 steps that when followed can allow you to attract 3 clients within 30 days or less.

Ready to find out more?

I invite you to register or my brand new Webinar “Get New Clients Now! 3 Big Mistakes Costing you and what to do about it”

Registration is open here 

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