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The power of songwriting and women’s Personal Empowerment

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Have you ever imagined writing your own songs?

How would you feel if you finally achieved that dream?
What if you could use that same learned skill to enhance
your personal empowerment activities?

It’s been said that music is a universal language and that we can alter
our moods by the proper use of music. It has been found in research
that music can greatly enhance the recovery of patients in
the hospital. What can we say then about the power of the individual act of songwriting and women’s personal empowerment?

Songwriting encompasses thoughts put to paper and these thoughts based on
experience have the power to shift our moods. When we take it a step further
and add music to the lyrics another dynamic is added.

The scripture in the bible “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” has
been used in many personal development articles and readings in books
and on the internet. There’s even a book with the title of the bible
scripture. When we put our thoughts to paper and capture it in song it
only accelerates this concept raising the impact received by the individual
recipient. When the song is then recited another dynamic is added by the act
of positive speaking and in this case positive singing. This is also evidenced
by scripture “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”
Proverbs 18:21.

Women’s personal empowerment is essential to any level of success and
this is an idea to be taken serious as an addition to your list of personal
empowerment activities.

How significant of a role does your thoughts play in all of this?
Your thoughts become energy. If your thoughts are negative, the energy
is negative; if positive, then the energy is positive. When emotions become
involved with the thoughts, the energy is even stronger. The energy, however,
doesn’t remain dormant – it expands. It expands each time you think your

As energy builds and gains strength, it beings to attract like energy.
Like a magnet, the energy attracts other like matter to it. Since the energy
is inside you, it attracts the like matter to you. If your
thoughts lean toward negative, then you are attracting negative matter – dead
end jobs, horrible bosses, bad relationships, never achieving that which you most want, constant struggle,conflicts, built up anger, and so on. Whereas, if your thoughts are positive, you attract positive outcome and situations.

Imagine writing songs that encompass the above mentioned activities.
The fusion of the lyrics, bass, simple keyboard or guitar lines etc. makes
for a foundation for a beautiful song, however, just the mere writing of lyrics
can offer therapeutic benefits.

The process of writing your song helps you to process your emotions by recalling the
experience. This can be a subtle way of dealing with emotions that you don’t necessarily want to deal with head on.

How can this be applied to personal development?
I’ve often shared with clients the power of positive self talk. This is what we mentally say to ourselves and to others about ourselves. It limits us by our own self-labels.

Learn more about how you can learn to write your own songs. Songs to celebrate
a time in your life, for a loved one or for your own personal empowerment.

I’ll share more on how you can use your learned skill to write positive
affirming songs to enhance your personal empowerment plans.
Visit the “You can write songs too page here” for additional information.

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