Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Proven Strategy to Get Clients In Your Sleep

A proven strategy to get clients in your sleep

Do you worry about getting clients? Don’t know where to start? How would you like to discover a proven strategy to get clients in your sleep?

What would getting more clients do for you? Your family? Your Business?

The hardest part is most likely going to be making the commitment to take the plunge (especially for those who often find themselves saying: “I’m too busy.”)

Whether you think of your business as service based or not  you need to create products that will earn income for you and attract potential new clients while you are busy working with clients, producing individual results, analyzing your market, tracking results, brainstorming new services or steps for clients to take, spending time spouse, with your children, walking your dog, vacationing, reconnecting with relatives – or sleeping.

So what are you referring to Robin? I’m glad you asked. Passive Income Creation Strategies.

Adding passive income creation strategies can attract clients by:

• Providing potential clients instant access to your services

• Filling a stop-gap need so satisfactorily, they will return to explore your services

• Providing potential clients with the “answer” they need – when they need it

• Increasing your visibility

• Building your reputation

• Establishing you as an expert in your field
• Setting you apart from competitors who don’t offer products in addition to services

• Providing resources that clients (or potential clients) can easily become addicted to using (i.e. returning to your resource site becomes a habit)

And more!

How Does Passive Income Attract Clients?

But what does adding income on the side have to do with attracting clients?
The passive income part is a bonus for you: I share what this method provides you with on my power-packed call.

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