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Discover Six Ways To Simplify Your Life For Next Level Success

Our lives can be so complex and a bit overwhelming. If you’re going to have any level of sustained success, motivation and empowerment as a Christian Woman Entrepreneur, Coach, Ministry Leader, Mom, CEO etc.  you’ll need to simplify your life and make a mindset shift to Total Wellness.

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Here are Six Ways to Simplify Your Life for Next Level Success

1. Resign from any organizations whose meetings you dread. (Not only will you free up time you will also redirect the energy to a positive flow.)

2. Learn to live with less information: Stop watching TV news. Cancel half your magazine subscriptions. (This also ends up de-cluttering your environment not only physical but the environment of you. It also opens up your mind to receive the positive allowing for fueling of your internal structure.)

3. Work where you live, or live where you work. (Focus is key and the more centralized you are in your locale the more you can focus on the things that matter and you give yourself additional hours in the day.)

4. Be in bed by 9 p.m. one night a week (Provides FOCUS, Clarity of Vision, Jump Start of at least one day per week and fueling of your Total Well Being.)

5. Live on half of what you earn, and save the other half. (Where possible. Financial Empowerment. Good steward over your money which is always something that is pleasing to God.)

6. Keep asking, “Is this going to simplify my life?” (This is a great strategy. It’s sort of a self check in for what matters most and staying in tune with being intentional about what you take on and the short term gratification you allow to pass by for the sake of the long term success.)

- Elaine St. James, article in “Fast Company”
-Robin Tramble – Add on notes in parenthesis

Bonus Tip: Start your days with devotion. Guard your time with God.
Keep a Gratitude Journal. Write 2 – 3 things you’re grateful for in your journal every morning.
Your attitude determines your altitude. Embrace an attitude of gratitude for Next Level Success and Prosperity.
-Robin Tramble

Here’s an extra
Free up one hour a day for 30 days, and use that time to reflect on a simple question: What is it that’s most complicating my life? Am I working too hard? Am I working at a job I don’t like? Then start thinking about how and what you can cut back.
- Elaine St. James

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