Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Empowering Christian Wifepreneurs: A Priceless Gift for your spouse

 Empowering Christian Wifepreneurs: A priceless gift to your spouse


A Wifepreneur? What or who is that? You have the mompreneur, 

wahmpreneur, solopreneur and more and now there’s the wifepreneur.

There are unique characteristics attached to each title mentioned and then you have the unique

characteristics that identify the wifepreneur. We as wifepreneurs have a

vision, mission and goals like other entrepreneurs, however, we also have the

ministry or partnership with our spouse. We are not only responsible for our

time and possibly children but must also be sensitive to our spouse’s



At times this can present a great challenge and intense fellowship. If we are 

not careful we can create an enemy within the camp.

I’d like to segway to something I know will empower those whom it will empower.


 I did today and the smile in my

hubby’s eyes was priceless. I valued us more than being right. I valued peace

more than being right and I valued GOD success more than being right. May this

provide authentic empowerment to those that need it today.

Give a priceless gift to your spouse. What is that gift? A commitment to your marriage and display of

the value you place on your marriage by embracing a lifestyle of forgiveness.


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