Friday, March 22, 2019

Time Management Tips: This One Thing Can Contribute To Your Broken Focus

Time Management Tips: This One Thing Can Contribute to Your Broken Focus

Time Management

Don’t Try to Multitask

Did you know that Multi-tasking can be one of the greatest contributors to broken focus? 

I know that you have heard different ones toot their horn about having the skills to multi-task and there are many Christian Women Entrepreneurs who claim to leverage their time by doing this.

When you are working on your priority tasks, don’t try to work on them all at once. Studies have shown that only a tiny percentage of us are actually able to multitask effectively. The rest of us, well we usually just find that nothing gets done properly or everything takes a lot longer!

The experts especially Time Management experts actually recommend working on just one thing at a time. When we do, we are usually twice as productive as when we try to focus on something else.

So start with your top priority item of the day and focus on that, and only that, until it’s finished. When it is, move onto the next task. If you find yourself getting bored you can switch between tasks, but give each one a solid block of time before you do.

Don’t follow the conventional To do list which suggesting identifying 10 things to do. Most of those require subgoals or action steps that require additional focus. Select your Top 3 priority Goals and go from there.

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