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Use the Power of a Telesummit to Increase your status, visibility, client attraction and more

Use The Power of The Telesummit to increase your expert status, list , client attraction, revenue and more!

My most recent multi-speaker virtual event was The Mighty Woman of God Virtual Retreat was power-packed with 6 speakers including me who were all spiritually empowered entrepreneurs.
The ladies enjoyed the experience and some only wished that it was longer.

The Virtual Retreat was based on the Telesummit Model which has been talked about by many experts. Some say you can make add thousands to your list and increase your revenue by thousands. Well I’m not going to tell you that I made thousands or increased my revenue by thousands, however, that wasn’t what I based my success on. Many of the experts that state this have thousands on their lists and clout with the JV partners (speakers) that join with them and JV partners who simply help promote the event. There is a great potential for this, however, you must determine the goal of your event. Is it to build your list, raise money or maybe more spiritual and that is to enhance the lives of those attending.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t strive to increase our list and revenue this will happen by default when you follow the blueprint, however, never hold this as the only measure of success.

I did significantly increase my list and add to my bottom line, however, the speakers I selected weren’t those with humongous lists and the theme was based on a tight niche.

Successul? Yes it was an absolute success.

You will increase your expert status. You will increase your list and realized increased revenue. Again it all depends on your goal, how well you follow this model and the effort you put in.

The Power of the ability of The Telesummit to provide rewards to you whether you’re the speaker or the facilitator is most definitely undisputed and will render a great return dependent on your definition of success.

I’d like to invite you to join me for my upcoming Telesummit. I’m seeking experts that want to enter into a JV (Joint Venture) partnership. I’m presenting a unique twist on the model as shared by one other that I know of. You’ll receive a lot more than just the one day event surrounding your call.

Click here to learn more and get started on determining if this is a fit for both of us.

Read what some of the participants from my last Virtual Retreat (Telesummit model) had to say about the experience.

You guys Rock! Enjoy listening to the retreat sessions! Dr Debra Brooks

Aha moment (well more like a kick in the pants moment) was the quote: “Put some fuel to it.” Now let me find my gas can! Marietta Taylor

My “aha’ today in Robin’s session was if you don’t fulfill your calling and do what you’re called to do and to be, that not only your dreams are at stake, but other people are at stake – those God is sending your way. Beth Jones

You Rock …
Thank you for listening to God speak to your heart, for stepping out in faith, and for taking action. Because of your courage, many WOG are being helped to live the life they were born to live. May God continue to pour out his blessings on you and the entire community. Blessings. Cynthia Isaac

Hello there! I received genuine nuggets today from the session with Jill Hart. One point I got was in regards to balancing one’s life, the reason some of us get “frazzled” with life matters is because of lack of faith in God’s ability to do the impossible; an unbalanced life can be a result of lack of time spent in the WORD and in prayer. I used to just yell out a big scream when I needed to release, however although that made me feel better, it was for a short time and the issue still exist. What I got from Jill was don’t scream, pray! Wonderful session God bless you both Robin and Jill! Wanda Wiggins Morriss

A few of the Speaker’s comments
What a wonderful time!!! So blessed to be a part of MWOG!!
Diane Cunningham President of The National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs

What an incredible opportunity Robin G Tramble is sharing with spiritually minded women entrepreneurs! I had the distinct honor of speaking today, but she has an awesome line up for the rest of the week! So DO check it out…everyone is invited to share in the joy and learning! Thanks Robin!
Chris Makell “America’s Courage to Think Bigger Coach”

This is also one of the rewards of hosting your own Telesummit/Virtual Event.
The connections and relationships that you’ll develop to last a lifetime!

Empowering you!!

Robin aka The Empowerment Diva
P.S. Why should you listen to me? I’ve used this model for years and just completed a successful Virtual Retreat using this same model. I am a woman of integrity and pride myself in being authentic in all of my business endeavors. I have a passion for empowering savvy women, aspiring, new and enterprising women entrepreneurs! I’m a certified Social Media Marketing Campaign Specialist and will use this skill and gift to provide exposure for the Telesummit and the Speakers. I care about your empowering success.

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  1. Yes, I’ve sen a lot of telesummits lately and I’ve participated in one before. My goal is always to share the gifts taht Godhas given me and allow Him to handle the rest. I’d love to find out if I can be a good fit for yoru upcoming event. Thanks, Robin for the opportunity!

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