Thursday, July 2, 2020

Women’s Life and Business Empowerment: Organization 101 Reduce clutter with an effective filing system

Have you heard the statement “A place for everything and everything in it’s place?”

One of the easiest ways to increase clutter is to neglect having a system for incoming paper. Herein lies one of the hindrances to an organized office or home.

it also hinders your ability to have a physical environment that supports what you do and you need this in order to move forward in manifesting your goals.

One way to reduce clutter and realize better organization is to implement an effective filing system.

Is it really necessary to get serious about filing?

Some people think that filing is a complete waste of time. The opposite is true. The benefits of filing far outweigh the inconveniences of engaging in such a task.

The importance of filing lies in the fact that you don’t have to wade through lots of stuff when you’re looking for a particular item. You’ll know exactly where it is located.

Here are some super tactics for organized filing.

1. Add color.

Buy folders of different colors, each color representing a
specific category. For example: green folder is for bank accounts, blue folder is for health records, red folder is for utility receipts, and so on. You may even put labels of various colors in every folder. Let’s say in the bank accounts folder, you can put a label colored brown for one
bank, then orange for the other bank.

2. Go through everything and just keep the things you need.

People sometimes keep things that they don’t even need or that they don’t find any value in. Give to your relatives or to charity your old clothes that are now too small for you to wear. This applies to your other things. Upon checking an item, just ask yourself, “Will I still find use for this thing in the future?” If the answer is “No,” then give it away or dispose of it. Then properly organize and file whatever is left.

3. Simplify by creating a folder for every day of the month.

This may be a little time-consuming at first; but once you’re done, you have a very efficient system for organizing and scheduling your tasks. The way it works: Create a folder for the 1st day of the month, 2nd day, 3rd day, and so forth. After having 31 folders (representing the maximum number of days in a given month), you are now ready to utilize this tactic. Let’s say your credit card bill arrives on the 12th of June, but it won’t be due until the 20th. You may put it in the Day 20 folder, or Day 19 (to give you some leeway). By using this method, it would be hard for you to miss out on any important date or occasion.

Utilizing a filing system can sometimes seem tedious because we are accustomed to doing so much online and using technology. Some things are better left for manual systems and of course you can back up with a digital system.

Implementing a filing system that works helps to decrease the clutter in your life and business.
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