Monday, January 30, 2023

Woman Entrepreneur tips: Got clients? Quick and easy tips to help you attract clients

Do you have a plan in place to attract your ideal clients? As a woman entrepreneur it’s easy to get side tracked and major on the minors. One of the things you may not spend enough time on is marketing, but without marketing you won’t have clients/customers and without clients/customers you’re not in business for […]

Women’s Empowerment Q & A: How to totally break away from every limitation of fear…..

How do you totally break away from every limitation of fear and step totally out on faith??? Was a question submitted on my survey . Fear can be immobilizing and will hinder your endeavors towards success in life. Any endeavor towards women’s empowerment is going to require a conscious decision to resist the activity of […]

Women’s Empowerment: Independence Day – What does freedom mean to you?

We are celebrating Independence day in the United States and for CanadaI believe it began July 1. When thinking about Women’s Empowerment I can’t help but reflect onhow we have been granted certain freedoms because of the sacrifices of many. This is a short post, however, a very important point to speak to. My question […]