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Discover your True Calling and Life Purpose – Oprah powerfully urged us to do this but how?

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Discover your True Calling and Life Purpose – Oprah POWERFULLY urged us to do this but how? Oprah shared the close of her 25 year season with us and with it left us with a powerful message on discovering and following/living your calling. I’ve shared this for many years as you may have yourself. One […]

How do I get followers, likes and clients using Social Media

How do I get followers, likes and clients using Social media? That was the gist of the responses received on my Social Media Empowerment survey. Does this sound like you? You have a passion for what you do You’re frustrated because you have no clients or you can’t attract and get enough clients You don’t […]

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: 3 Simple ways to get clients,customers

3 Simple Ways to get clients If you’re looking for ways to attract additional clients you must first identify who your target market is and go deeper by identifying your niche (who you serve). This is where many women entrepreneurs and business men too miss it and neglect to do the homework needed to achieve […]

One big mistake coaches are making when starting their businesses

Are you a Coach or you aspire to be? What have you been spending the last six months doing? If you’re like most you’ve been working on your certification or other training. What I’m about to share with you may surprise you and others you’ve been exposed to this but haven’t taken any measures towards […]

List Building 101: Tips on getting started with List Building to grow your business

Have you heard the statement “The money is in the list?” Well that’s true to a certain extent, however, it’s also in the relationship. There is no faster or more powerful way to penetrate niche markets, develop a unique brand and become an authority in your market than with a qualified and targeted list. It’s […]

Social Media is finally taught with easy learning step-by-step approach

SOCIAL MEDIA IS FINALLY TAUGHT WITH EASY LEARNING STEP-BY-STEP APPROACH Elk Grove, CA — April 22, 2011 — For entrepreneurs looking to for success today, social media know-how is more than imperative. Robin Tramble’s Social Media Empowerment Virtual Days is packed with the practical tools needed to get going in business. What is to be […]