Saturday, December 3, 2022

One Quick and Easy Way to Get Twitter Followers “authentically!”

Marketing with Twitter: A quick, easy and effective way to get Twitter Followers “authentically!” There are many ways to get followers on Twitter. There are
 authentic ways and there are gimmicky ways. You want to make sure that you don’t
do the latter if you want to have any level of sustained success using Twitter effectively. […]

3 Things to Avoid When Marketing Your Business Online

3 Things to avoid when marketing your business online 1) Marketing to the masses.Many women I speak to are afraid to identify their Target Marget or Niche which is how you serve your target market. They feel that they are missing out and will lose business. On the contrary. Actually the opposite happens. Instead of […]

Why Social Media? – 2 BIG reasons Christian Women in Business Should Use Social Media

Why Social Media? Wondering why all the fuss about using SocialMedia? Ready to discover why you as a  Christian Woman inbusiness should use SocialMedia if you’re going to stand up against the rest? Read on.   Remember the days when you would more thanlikely stand back and watch the BIG boys take advantage of the MEDIA […]

Get Clients: Ready to double your clients, customers, sales? (personal help here) No Cost

Are you ready to Get Clients, Get Customers, increase sales? How would you feel if you could double your clients, customers and sales? I’ve been in contact with many women and especially christian women entrepreneurs world-wide and the common theme is they need to get more visibility, clients, customers and profits. Some have an idea […]

Empowering Christian Women In Business – Get Your Business Lift Off

Empowering Christian Women In Business – Get Your Business Lift Off There’s a new revolution and it’s here to stay. Christian Women in Business, Coaches, Teachers, Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Consultants etc. have tapped into the God in them and are kicking excuses to the curb. You see for many the option to give […]

How do I find Clients?

How do I find Clients? Does this question stay at the fore-front of your thoughts? Is it something that consumes your day so much so that you’ve become frustrated and are close to giving up? How do I find Clients? Do you know who your ideal client is? Do you have information that you’ve collected […]