Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Empowering Exercise tips: Power up your exercise with a cheerful heart

POWER up your exercise with a cheerful heart

I’ve been doing research on the mind and one thing in particular is the subconscious mind. I’ve often stated that our thoughts are energy. If you think positive thoughts then there’s positive energy. Negative thoughts then negative energy.

So why wouldn’t it make since that our exercise results can be greatly impacted by our thoughts?

Today’s Empowering exercise tip is…

Power up your exercise with a cheerful heart

As you proceed with your empowering personal development endeavors it’s critical that you get rid of all evil thoughts, malice, anger, wrath, hatred, and other negative emotions. Make sure not to just put them aside for a while; instead, get rid of them!

Negative emotions store prolonged distress in the body, thereby triggering bad chemical reactions in the blood and adversely affecting internal systems. These are the silent killers – time-bombs waiting to explode. Exercise will only hasten the time mechanism.

Some people pour their outrage into exercise — like angrily doing the punching bag, or lifting heavy weights — and feel much better later. This may be excusable if not done habitually. Don’t get used to releasing your negative emotions through rigid exercise. At times, fierce anger triggers high blood pressure, which is a silent killer. It often does not give warning signals. Want to see an immediate increase in your blood pressure? Allow your anger to well up and your blood pressure will also hike up.

Any doctor will tell you that exercise is bad when you are suffering from high blood pressure. What you need to do is to relax or rest, and not to engage in rigid exercise.

Take time out to be wise about your exercise routines. Preparation is key. Prepare a healthy environment which includes the environment of you, your spiritual environment, physical environment and 6 more.

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