Thursday, June 30, 2022

Empowering spiritually minded women: Rejuvenation, Empowerment and Spiritual renewal

Are you a spiritually minded woman or woman entrepreneur or you aspire to be?

How would you like to invite Spiritually Empowered Women into your home to share wisdom and insights on Mindset success and more? And all at no co.st to you?

“Do you feel like you have a great call on 
your life but don’t know where to begin 
or how to move forward?” 

“Maybe you simply thirst for more.”

You don’t have to remain in this place. You too can receive the guidance and tools you need to move forward.
Your thirst for more can be quenched in His presence. Your mind can be renewed through His word.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, woman in ministry, stay at home mom or other, you will experience, rejuvenation, empowerment and spiritual renewal during this spiritually infused event.

Whether you’re looking to get clear on your purpose in life, vision or goals for your business and/or build your confidence and faith, we want to equip you with the tools and means to become empowered to live life on purpose and manifest your dreams.

As a Christian Woman you have a call from God upon your life. You are a unique one of a kind gift of God. Someone is waiting on your expression and it’s your responsibility to get your message out there in a big way!

Are you missing some pieces to the puzzle? Do you have what you need to manifest the abundant life God has designed for all of His children?

Is your mindset sabotaging your empowering success and you don’t even know it? Does your environment support what you endeavor to do? Are you being held back by fear? Need more confidence to step out in Faith and pursue your call?

Join a few of my Spiritually Empowered Colleagues and I for

The Mighty Woman of God Mindset Virtual Retreat!

August 17 – 19

This profound experience is no cost to you for the General ticket.

We’ll even have a Prayer Force Team to cover the event, staff, speakers and attendees.

To secure your place go to http://bit.ly/mwogmvretreat to register.

I look forward to sharing this time of rejuvenation, empowerment and spiritual renewal with you!

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