Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Empowering women: Simple tips to boost your confidence

This is a subject that I know all too well about. A lack of confidence
 almost sabotaged my destiny and empowering success. Now I’m on the
 road to building my Empowerment Empire confidently, with Faith
 and courage. My passion now is empowering women!

Have you ever tried looking at yourself in a full-length mirror? Did you feel a tinge of shyness? Did you squirm at your image? Did you wish you could be more proud of yourself and carried yourself better?

If you are not content with your self-image, it only shows that you have no self-confidence. If you, yourself, lack self-confidence, then how can others have faith in you?

During interviews, confidence boosts your chances of clinching that dream job. Consider a situation where two applicants are vying for the same position. During the interview, one exudes poise and self-assurance, while the other is a nervous wreck. Do I need to ask who will get the job?

Why is self-confidence often equated with effectiveness? A person’s self-confidence shows assurance in his own decision. This level of assurance directs others to put their confidence on this person’s judgment.

Confidence also has the power to overcome fears, hindrances, opposition, and setbacks that can confront the best of plans. People with a high degree of self-confidence are normally more likely to be successful – all other aspects being equal.

It is equally significant to find out the different situations that weaken self-confidence. People who are trapped in an environment that fosters negativity and constant criticism become disheartened and discouraged. An embarrassing incident can suck the confidence out of a person.

The best part in all of these is that confidence is something that can be developed. It is something that can be learned. Learning starts now.

Positive Thoughts
Your quality of thinking affects your self-esteem and self-confidence. When confronted by a challenge, your mind may be filled with negative thoughts, such as:
· “I’ll never be able to do this!”

· “Everyone’s going to laugh at me!”
· “I’m very stupid!”

· “I’m a hothead, and my anger is going to get me in trouble one
of these days.”

· “This is so unfair!”

· “Anyone else but me could do this right!”

These negative and depreciating thoughts have a propensity to weaken self-confidence and cause more difficulty to function effectively.

There are three positive ways of overcoming these negative thoughts.

· Search for the truth. At times, negative thoughts include deceptions and exaggerations. Is it
actually true that “Anyone else but me could do this right?” Is it actually true that “I’m very stupid?” These two messages are most likely untrue and they are useless.

· Face your fears.
At times, we are fearful and worried about exaggerated concerns or things that will not happen at all. We refuse to confront our fears because we are afraid of committing terrible mistakes. We fear, “Everyone’s going to laugh at me!” However, if this is the worst that can ever happen, why not give it a try?

· Send positive thoughts. Substitute negative thoughts with more positive messages. Shift to
realistic, reasonable, and supportive messages that will help in achieving the objective.

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. Norman Vincent Peale

It’s important to invest in yourself. Especially as a savvy woman and Woman Entrepreneur. Doing so also helps to boost your confidence in yourself but more so than that when you give yourself permission to stretch and continue through the program or fully consume the product this boosts your self esteem an confidence.

A great resource is my upcoming Make it Happen “30 days of Empowerment” Coaching program. Give yourself a chance to uplevel your life and/or business today and in essence boost your confidence.

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