Tuesday, June 22, 2021

5 Things You’re Doing In Your Business That Could Sabotage Your Marketing & What To Do Instead

If you’re spinning your wheels but working harder than ever, you may be the victim of self-sabotage. Sometimes this comes from simple ignorance – from not knowing you should or should not be taking an action – and sometimes it comes from a much deeper place. (If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I know this is pure procrastination but I’m still doing it. WHY am I doing this to myself?” That’s one of those deeper places self-sabotage comes from.

Mistake # 2 of 5: Not Focusing on Your Ideal Customer or Client
We’ve all heard this, ad nauseam. Why, then, do we end up veering away from our customer’s needs and dreams and problems to talk about ourselves and our businesses?

We could easily have called Mistake # 2 “Trying Too Hard”, that’s why.
You are trying to position yourself to show off your best advantages and most impressive accomplishments. Keep those for your “About” page – and only include those facts relevant to the person reading.

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