Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Boost Your Business With Ebook Publishing 10+ Strategies to make your ebooks Effective and Successful

Writing and publishing an ebook can give your business the boost you’re looking for. In fact an ebook can help you accomplish several important business building goals in one swoop. If you’re not sure what an ebook is, it’s simply a downloadable version of a book that you read on a computer, an ebook reader like Kindle or other mobile device.

Christian Women Entrepreneurs, Christian Women in Business, Coaches, Authors and Speakers alike can realize extended visibility and position yourself as an authority via effective ebook publishing.

Here are a few benefits of creating a successful ebook…

Publication is one of the main avenues you can take to improve or establish your credibility. 

This is important as a business building tactic because we buy from people we perceive as experts or authority figures in their industry. We turn to them to solve our problems, ask advice and to gain new skills and knowledge.

Awareness and Exposure
Writing a book broadens your reach. It spreads awareness of you and your business virally as people talk to each other about your book. Additionally, as you begin marketing and promoting your book you will subsequently also be marketing and promoting your business.

Your book can also help increase your search engine optimization which increases your website traffic, and the awareness and exposure we just mentioned. 

You can also use your book as an opt-in offer so you can build your email list. And of course we’re only talking about how your book can help market your business. You can also use your book as a product or bonus product to generate more sales.

You’re Convinced, but Now What?

I’m going to share 2 tips and strategies to make sure your ebook is the best and most effective ebook it can be. Whether you’re selling it for a profit, giving it away to build a list, or using it as a strategic marketing tool, the better your book the more effective and successful it will be.

Let’s get started…

2 of 10+  Strategies to Creating A Successful An Effective Ebook

#1 Choose a Tight Topic
The reason is twofold. It’s much easier to write thoroughly on a very narrow topic. For example, it’s easier to write a book on how to meditate with your dog than meditation. OR How to create a household budget rather than home finances.
The second reason for choosing a narrow topic is that it’s easier to offer value to your readers. Thus it’s easier to market your ebook.

#2 Solve a Problem
In addition to choosing a tight topic, it’s important that your book offers value. If the reader doesn’t benefit in some way from reading your book then they’re not going to buy it. Think about your customers and what their problems are. What topics might make good book topics?
For example, if your customers are pet owners, common pet problems can include but are certainly not limited to:
• Grooming
o Grooming behavior problems
o Grooming tools

• Health
o Obesity – How to help your dog/cat lose weight
o Common skin problems and how to cure them

• Training
o Dog housebreaking
o Not using the litter box

You see there are many potentially tight topics that can be found within any given problem. Make a list of the problems your customers commonly face and brainstorm book ideas that can solve these problems.

I’ve shared two, however, I’m sure you’d like to know eight more and if so I invite you to join me for the Power Executive Call “Authentic Ebook Publishing Simplified” where I’ll share  10+ Strategies to make your ebooks Successful and Effective Click here to learn more

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