Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Christian Women Entrepreneurs: How bad do you want it?

There are many interpretations of the word empowerment. I’ve listed
a simple definition below.

Empowerment: The act of giving power and authority to a person to perform his designated tasks and being enabled to do what is needed to accomplish a
given task, goal and mission.

Empowerment is a choice. You either choose to embrace empowerment
by learned life skill sets and other avenues or choose to sabotage any
level of success by continuing disempowering behaviors, neglecting
to learn and apply best practices and by failing to get clear on your
vision, goals and purpose in life.

Women today fulfill many roles and most are either in business
and experience phenomenal success or in business and are slowly
becoming disenchanted with the whole idea of women in business.

Business empowerment entails being diligent in utilizing effective
systems. Just as you have a system down for washing clothes, paying
bills or handling correspondence etc., there are systems that when used
diligently will empower your business.

The question is how bad to you want it? Business Empowerment.

I was watching the movie “Temptations” with my family and I recall one
scene where Berry Gordy asked his quality control team when listening
to one of the Temp’s songs which one would you choose the record or a
sandwich? The response to the first song was a sandwich.
The next time he asked their response was the record. Being a
recording artist and songwriter myself I totally understood what
was being implied.

The concept was in order for the song to be a hit a customer would need
to desire the record so much that they would pass up buying something to
eat if they had to make that choice.

Well how do you see your business? Do you want it bad enough that you’d
pass up a couple nights out to be able to invest in the system or program that
you know will propel you forward? Or is the desire not strong enough and you
could still put it off saying to yourself “it will happen.”

Do you desire it bad enough to put in hours weekly with a marketing plan
for realized growth instead of watching your favorite show? Or do you lack
the burning desire to pass up the show to gain new ground in your marketing

Do you desire it bad enough to stop the insanity “doing the same thing
expecting different results” and connect with new systems, strategies
and an accountability measure? Or do you feel that you have all the
information you need and that it will get better if you just keep working

You must want business empowerment more than just saying affirmations daily.
Your desire must be a burning desire a must have in order to propel you
towards the maximum empowerment you so desire to realize.

You will never have the business you want without diligent pursuit,
mindset shifts, goals, clarity of vision and more.
It’s going to take more than a casual approach to any endeavor.

Business empowerment and ultimate success, how bad do you want it?

I’d like to help you become clear on your vision, goals, unique positioning and
equip you with proven strategies and keys to turbo-charge your business empowerment.

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