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Empowering Mompreneurs: Success Tips for Mompreneurs (Moms in Businss)

Empowering Mompreneurs: Success Tips for Mompreneurs

There are challenges to being a Mompreneur or Mom in Business, however, there are also rewards. You fulfill many roles and must find a way to keep balance while being productive.

Below are a few tips for Success as a Mompreneur

=> Create a healthy environment by separating the personal from the Business

Your environments must support what you do and there are nine environments.

Maximize your Physical environment.

You must create a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Having kids’ toys on your work desk or work papers in your living room is a recipe for trouble.

It can be emotionally draining and hard to concentrate on work when you have personal stuff in the same space. This can also induce stress

Increase your hours by separating your personal things from your business things. separate from your personal things. You also increase your focus.

You can do this setting up a separate room in the house as your home office. If you don’t have a separate room use a freestanding divider. They have some beautiful ones that will only enhance your home.

=> Discover New points of focus for Your Kids

Points of focus would be things that you intentionally set up to distract or hold the attention of your child(ren).

Invest in things that will support them being active like basketball with a portable hoop.

Or, get them a game like Jenga, which is both exciting and requires them to develop hand-eye coordination.

The last resort is TV or video games, which you may or may not choose to have your children indulge in.

=> Empower your days with Scheduling

Some feel that scheduling is over-rated. An effective system for scheduling can empower you to manifest more of your desired results. Schedule when you plan to work, when your kids are at the babysitter, when you’ll take breaks and be with your kids, etc.

Don’t become overwhelmed by scheduling. remember children can unexpectedly interrupt even the most well-organized schedules with surprises.

That said, here’s the bottom line “don’t wing it!” The more you can plan things out in a way that works for everyone rather than just trying to wing it, the better.

=> Is a Baby Sitter really a great investment?

How much do you feel that an hour of your time is worth?

Is an hour of work worth more than $____+ fill in the blank of average cost for someone to assist you. If so, it may be well worth it to hire a babysitter to play with your kids, even if you’re in the house at the same time.

You might be saying “excuse me I’m working from home, how does this work?” As long as your children know you’re there they are more inclined to crave your attention. This way they’re still spending time with you and having their needs serve while you get some work done.

These are a few tips to succeed as a mompreneur. No it’s not easy building a business and raising successful children at the same time, but envision a thriving business and more for your family. How does that make you feel?

Look back with a smile on your face and more money in your bank account.


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