Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How being a Delta Do it All is blocking Your Fabulous Life and Business

Are you a Delta Do it all?

What being a Delta Do it all can cost you

“Time is priceless, but it’s Free. You can’t own it, you can use it. You can spend it. But you can’t keep it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”
― Audrey Niffenegger

Okay so I know you’re great at your craft and if it’s to be done right you’ve got to do it right? Well that may be true to a certain extent, however, how much time are you losing because you’re a Delta Do it all? What brilliant ideas could you be focused on if you were able to outsource the tasks that you don’t truly have a passion for to someone who has a passion and expertise for that same task.

It’s important to cultivate skills to leverage your time so than you can increase your productivity and yet Time management was never designed as a method to get you to work beyond your endurance to exhaustion.

Some may see the ability to do it all as success. On another note there are those that continue to doe it all and work their selves to death and if not that they end up with less than a healthy existence and suffer with heart attacks, strokes, frustration and even burnout

If you’re going to position yourself to benefit from any time management system you’ll need to make a mindset shift to leveraging your time with outsourcing. A time management system helps you plan, track and evaluate time. Make the shift and you’ll live longer.

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals which includes in it’s acronym R for realistic. You may want to earn a master’s in business administration in two years but you can only attend night classes and you have young children at home.

Although you’ve considered that fact that the grandparents are willing to baby-sit while you are in class, how many hours a day can you go full speed? You have work hours, transportation times, class hours, homework and spending some time with your children. How long can you go on 4 hours of sleep, energy drinks, coffee etc.?

Remember time waits for no one.

“Time is priceless, but it’s Free. You can’t own it, you can use it. You can spend it. But you can’t keep it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”
― Audrey Niffenegger

Seek to develop time management strategies that will support you in being a dedicated, not obsessive worker then you are building skills that will be valuable to another employer too. Besides it’s important that you respect your own time. Take inventory of your core values and stay committed to them.

Don’t allow anyone to cheat you out of precious time with your family. There may be another workplace that gives opportunities for advancement yet recognizes that you have a right to your personal time and family time. In fact, smart companies want the well-rounded person who has a life outside the cubicle.

You can also start planning to upgrade your life by starting a business. If you’re a business owner you must be careful of being your own worst enemy.

Use Time management to support your vision for an ideal lifestyle. It’s not to be confining or rigid but liberating as you set up boundaries and systems to assist you in manifesting your desired results.

Don’t be a Delta Do it all. It costs you too much. Your life!

And not only your natural life but your spiritual life. Did you know that being a Delta Do it all can be a weapon of the adversary? It’s a distraction and will steal time from much needed devotional time, your precious time with Father God. Make the commitment to guarding your time, placing a higher value on your time and when you do this it fuels your manifesting endeavors.

I talked about making a mindset shift earlier in this post. Much of how your life is playing out is as a result of your mindset. You also have limiting beliefs that creep up from time to time. Time management is just one area worthy of your focus, the other is your empowering personal development plan. Do you have one? Are you committed to your personal, spiritual and professional empowerment?

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