Wednesday, September 22, 2021

There’s No Such Thing As Too Busy

The one area that really seems to stump new entrepreneurs is marketing. It’s true no matter what your business model, but service providers have a particularly difficult time with it.

Imagine you’ve just begun a new business as a VA (virtual assistant). You’ve got a few clients, work is humming along well, you’re busy, sometimes even overwhelmed, but you’re making a good living, so you’re happy. All your work time is spent on other people’s projects, though, leaving little time for your own work, and none at all for going out to find new business.

Of course, your schedule is full, so why would you want to be seeking out new work anyway?

Because at any time, one or more clients might just stop needing you. Maybe they close up shop, or sell, or hire a cousin to do the work you’re doing for them. Then what will you do?

This is exactly the situation many service providers find themselves in – and it’s a bad spot to be in, let me tell you. Suddenly the money has dried up, and since you haven’t been doing any marketing, you don’t have anywhere to turn for work.

The answer is to always be marketing – not actively soliciting new clients when your schedule is full, but at least staying in touch so when you lose a client you have a way to gain another quickly. One of the best ways to do that is to build your email list. Then, when the inevitable happens, you have a list of people you can email in an instant to say, “Hey, I have 12 hours a month available – who needs some help?”

Remember, you need to spend some time every single day working to market your business. If you don’t, it will eventually stop working for you, and you’ll end up right back at the beginning again. enjoyed

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