Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Woman Entrepreneur Empowerment: Reader’s Q & A How do I get started? List building, blogging, branding

As a woman entrepreneur or one who aspires to be there are many things
to consider. One of the most popular questions amongst the women surveyed
includes: How do I get started? I have a lot of ideas. Do I brand first,
start blogging, build a list?

One of the first things you want to discover is who you serve. Many call
this your niche. It doesn’t do any good to try to start blogging or
building your list without knowing who you’re speaking to.

1) They won’t recognize you as the solution to their problem.

2) You’ll waste a lot of time and effort.

Once you do a few basic things including identifying who your serve,
you want to start building your list/community.

The people on your list are your target customers. You must convert them into a base that looks forward to what you want to tell them.

You yourself must be easily reachable. When you do this, people slowly begin to have faith in you. When you communicate with your contacts, you must sound approachable and friendly rather than seriously formal.

Before you actually begin experimenting with different methods of building your list,let’s talk about the basic things you need.

A Website

The first thing you must set up is your website, so that your contacts have a place to come to and find you. They also need a place where they can securely leave their email and name. You must ensure that they do not have any difficulty in the process. Not only that, you want to give them something of value to remember. Your website is practically your main point of contact with your users. So make sure you build a site that is good to look at. That does not mean graphics rich and jazzy, but something that is designed to be professional and effective.

Your site must provide crisp content. Write it in such a way that it draws their attention – like a magnetic headline, bulleted points, etc. On top of everything else, it should endorse your own image.

Do it in a way that is unique and memorable for your visitor. They are only going to be there for seconds before they move on to browse elsewhere. It must have something special for your prospect to remember and come back. The number of sites on the internet is growing rapidly and it is up to you to make yours look special.

A point to bear in mind here is that even after you’ve drawn the visitor to your site, there is no fixed rule that says they must purchase from you the first time they go by your site. Which means we must make sure there is a way for them to leave their name and email address. The page that you need is called a squeeze or opt-in page. You then must be able to persuade them to subscribe and there are ways to do this.


The next thing is your autoresponder. Subscribe to one that suits your needs best. These are a wonderful way to automate your follow up, when you have to keep in touch with your customers regularly. You might find it easy to keep in touch with, 100 people, but when the list runs to thousands, just imagine the amount of time you’ll spend, time that you can devote to more creative activities. Instead, a good Auto responder can help you tremendously in keeping up with your reminding and emailing.

You must remember that it is not just for size that you are growing your list. Why you are doing it is so you can convert it into business. You can start with a strong small list and build it as you go along.

Of course you’ll need to know how to bring traffic to your site. I’ll share more
about this in my upcoming Teleseries.

I’ve shared a little bit with you about getting started with list building. You
may be one who wants to figure it all out and do it yourself. Or you might just
be one who would rather have guidance with the support and tools to help you
do it right the first time. Do you already have a site and need guidance to tweak
it for the best results?

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You can continue trying to reinvent the wheel, doing it alone and end up in
the same place or do something positively different for maximum life and
business empowerment!

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