Monday, January 30, 2023

My Christmas and New Year’s Gift To You

My Christmas and New Year’s Gift for you We know once Christmas arrives we have one week left before we bring the new year in. For the Christian Christmas is a time we celebrate the Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Although we celebrate all year long this is a unified celebration and […]

Empowering spiritually minded women: Rejuvenation, Empowerment and Spiritual renewal

Are you a spiritually minded woman or woman entrepreneur or you aspire to be? How would you like to invite Spiritually Empowered Women into your home to share wisdom and insights on Mindset success and more? And all at no co.st to you? “Do you feel like you have a great call on 
your life […]

Empowering New Coaches, Women Entrepreneurs: Are you desperate for clients?

Are you desperate for clients? An added niche of mine is Aspiring and beginning Christian Women Coaches. You may already be aware of the fact that I also have a passion for empowering spiritually minded Women, Aspiring, New and Enterprising Women Entrepreneurs. One thing that seems to be a common thread is a lack of […]

Empowering Women: Passion, Purpose and Empowerment

What would it feel like to wake up every morning with energy, passion, purpose and empowerment? “Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it’s something you’re tremendously passionate about.” ~ Steve Pavlina 

Is your life missing passion? Are you unclear on your purpose? Do you desire […]

Savvy women and woman entrepreneurs – Give yourself the luxury of uninterrupted focus on your vision,goals,action plan and BIG results faster

An unstoppable woman knows the power and value of investing in herself. Plus it pays great dividends and is the only secure investment.~ Robin Tramble The wealth conscious woman embraces abundanceand hopefully also realizes the limitless power that lies within her as she co-Partners with Father God. I have a few questions for you. Are […]

Savvy woman and woman entrepreneur Empowerment: Don’t let fear steal your life

If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been.— Robert H. Schuller This is a very powerful quote. As a savvy woman and woman entrepreneur it is imperative that you acknowledge that you will experience fear in your life,however, in order to realize authentic life […]

Women’s Empowerment: Tap into your brilliance for realized maximum empowerment and client magnetism

Have you ever come into contact with a woman and thought I don’t know what it is but I like her? She had an ability to motivate you and brought out the best in you. Just being around her made you want to reach higher and the energy she had was contagious and left you […]