Monday, January 30, 2023

Zig Ziglar left the world empty

Zig Ziglar left the world empty The world lost one of the great influencers and I’m sure he touched men, women, boys and girls from all walks of life. Yes, I truly believe that Zig Ziglar left the world empty. What do I mean by this? He was full of purpose and wisdom and he […]

Women’s Empowerment: ABCs of Self Motivation

People become motivated when you guide them to the source of their own power.- Anita Roddick I often get asked the question, how do I get motivated or how do I staymotivated? You have dreams that you would love to see manifested, however,it seemsto be an emotional upward and downward spiral. This is the feeling […]

Empowering Women – Women Entrepreneurs: Dangers of Playing Small

Empowering Women – Women Entrepreneurs : The Dangers of Playing Small How many opportunities have you missed out on or dreams have been sabotaged because of your playing small? I’m going to share 5 dangers of playing small. This is a very important read and I share it because of my passion of empowering women […]

Reader’s Q & A: How do I avoid information overload?

It’s time for a Reader’s Q & A. This is where I’ll take a question and provide the answer here on my blog. This post is on a very popular concern. It’s something may stop many from moving forward with their empowering success endeavors including starting and growing a business. QUESTION:How can I avoid information […]

Empowering Women: 5 Get Motivated Tips

Empowering Women: 5 Get Motivated Tips Do you ever get up and feel less than motivated to start your day or tackle your must do activities? Sure we all have those days. What do you do about it?Nothing? Drag through the day? My passion includes empowering women and women entrepreneurs and one thing I see […]

God cares about your goals too Praying over your 30 Day Goals during FREE Teleclass

God cares about your goals too! When you set out to plan your year, Quarter or month do you acknowledge God?Or do you make your plans and then ask God to bless them? God cares about your goals too! Beloved I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health even as […]

10th Anniversary of 9/11 A day we will never forget. Original song Video to inspire and heal

9/11 A day we will never forget. Original song Video to inspire and heal I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in Seattle, WA in my room when I saw the first plane hit the tower and then I said asked, “What is that?” I went to turn up the Television and it […]

Snapshots of a Mighty Woman of God – Take off the Mask

Snapshots of A Mighty Woman of GodTake off the Mask The mask………some
 will admit to the daily ritual ofpreparing to go before your peers,co-workers,
employees,                      church family, friends, classmates ending with the last step                 ….the 
mask. We can’t allow […]

6 Speakers to EMPOWER Spiritually Minded Women and Entrepreneurs during Virtual (online) Retreat

6 speakers to EMPOWER Spiritually Minded Women and  Entrepreneurs during Virtual (online) Retreat Christian Women are encouraged to step up and catapult their personal, spiritual and business growth via an empowering virtual (online) Retreat. Experience Rejuvenation, Empowerment and Spiritual Renewal during this no cost event. (Press Release) – Aug 10, 2011 – Imagine receiving insight […]

He celebrated his freedom at age 18 May 2009

He celebrated his freedom age 18 May 2009 I remember this little guy patiently waiting his turn to go to school.He watched his siblings excitedly shop for school clothes and the day camewhen they all left for school and returned at the end of the day. I could see in his eyes that he wanted […]

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