Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Empowering Christian Women Coaches and Entrepreneurs: Desperate for Clients?

Are you desperate for clients?

An added niche of mine is New Christian Women Coaches and Entrepreneurs. You may already be aware of the fact that I also have a passion for empowering spiritually minded Women, Aspiring, New and Enterprising Women Entrepreneurs.

One thing that seems to be a common thread is a lack of direction in attracting and getting clients.

Do you find yourself becoming anxious about clients/customers? Will they connect? Maybe I need to lower my prices? I’ll contact them one more time after the third and no response. Yes people have a tendency to have selective response. LOL Here’s a quote mentioned by one of my mentors. “Some will, Some won’t and Some are WAITING!”

Become clear on who your target market is. Your Ideal Client/Prospect.

Do the homework to empower yourself to become positioned to attract and be where your ideal prospects/clients are.

First thing is to determine your Target Market. Go deeper by identifying your ideal/prospect client and creating a profile.

You may be saying “Robin if I do this won’t I limit who can have access to me? Or doesn’t it make my fishing area smaller?” No. It empowers you to actually leverage your time and money. It gives your ideal prospect/client a chance to identify you and see you as the solution to their problem. It increases your client attraction, your client magnetism.

Never, never allow yourself to be in a place of desperation. Put it out there with regard to who you’d like to have as your client/customer. Submit it to God. Align the word with your desire and build your Faith. Spend time with God. Seek wisdom. Don’t worry and expect. There’s power in expectation, whether negative or positive.

You might need a mindset shift if you’re feeling that you don’t have enough or that people will not invest what you need to connect with you. Your prospects/clients are looking for results if you provide results they will invest in their desired results.

I’ve shared with you what I share with some of my Clients.

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