Tuesday, September 21, 2021

3 Quick and Easy ways to blast fear

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Blast Fear

Let’s face it Online marketing including Social Media can be very intimidating. Social media may be all the rage but it can also be a mystery.

Because of this you may be operating in fear or you’re not really committed to marketing your business which in essence you won’t even consider learning how to effectively use Social Media.

I’ve heard various ones say that Twitter is intimidating. My response was that Twitter moves a little faster and you can post more and still not be considered as someone that lacks Social Media Etiquette.

There are many people being held back due to fear and a lack of confidence. It’s not just related to online marketing or Social Media. It’s all around you.

You have a message and you are responsible to get it out there. And I mean in a BIG way! Without learning the skills to overcome fear and boost your confidence you’ll continue to sabotage your success and delay the manifestation of your best life even more.

Read on to discover two quick and easy ways to begin blasting fear and create Rock Solid Confidence.

1. Make a decision. Everything begins with a decision.
Decide that you will not continue to allow fear to hold you back. Make the decision that you will commit to a plan to become Faith-full thereby becoming fear-less.

Get a vision of what it will mean to your business to finally get your message out there. What will it mean to your family to increase your revenue. Replace the fear with the visualization of your goals achieved and dreams realized.

2. Move in the face of fear.
You do have to make the decision to move in the face of fear.

What do you mean by move? Take targeted action.
The action you take will defuel fear. Start commenting on posts on Facebook.
Respond to Tweets on Twitter. Sure you can continue updating with your own information but to really defuel fear you need to add the component of interaction. It’s moving you out of your comfort zone.

What if they don’t respond back to me? How much is it worth to you to combat fear, boost your confidence and change your life? Discover your burning desire and let this cause you to move forward.

3, Give fear back to it’s owner
In the bible it reads God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 Since God has not given it to us then give it back to it’s owner and become faith-full!

What will you use from this post? Go ahead write down one thing you can use to defuel fear.

As I always say “Learning is good but empowerment comes through application!”

Want to discover more strategies for combating fear and creating rock solid confidence?

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