Thursday, June 30, 2022

Leadership and Empowerment tips: Self confidence and success

Self Confidence and Success?

Is that not an expected combination and yet many don’t understand how a lack of self confidence can contribute to self sabotage and as a result impede your empowering success.

In this article you’ll read about Leadership, Empowerment, Self Confidence and Success.

Sports stars draw on their past successes to give them confidence in new situations. That’s a formula all of us can use

By Marshall Goldsmith

One common characteristic of the great leaders I meet is self-confidence, which of course makes sense. Leaders have to inspire confidence in others. It would be difficult for others to believe in us if we don’t even believe in ourselves.

Great leaders have to take risks. While getting to “acceptable” may not involve risk, getting to “one of a kind” does. Self-confidence gives great leaders the courage they need to take their companies—and themselves—to a new level of success.

A huge part of self-confidence comes from our previous success. Successful people tell themselves, “I have succeeded in the past. Therefore, I know I can succeed in the future.” That’s the good news about successful people’s belief in their previous success. The bad news is that it makes it hard for them to hear negative feedback.


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