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Empowering Woman Entrepreneurs: 4 tips for effectively using social media to drive traffic to your sites

Empowering Woman Entrepreneurs: 4 tips for effectively using social media to drive traffic to your sites

Social media and Web 2.0 have been here for some time now. Experts predict that this trend will only grow. That means if you don’t start using social media now – today – you’ll be left behind.

In my interactions with women in my networks I hear confusion, a little anxiety and apprehension where it concerns using social media.

It can be a very good resource when you lay a good foundation and understand some of the guidelines.

Listed below are 4 tips for effectively using social media to drive traffic to your sites…

1. Complete your profile.

When you first open your Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo or other social media site account, fill out your profile (including a picture). Doing so makes it easier for people to get to know you and build relationships with you, which will make it more likely they’ll click through to your site. Did you know that some of your potential followers will not follow simply because you didn’t provide a picture?
If you’re serious about your business (and I know you are) take the time to include a picture.

2. Interact.

It is no coincidence that the name Social media includes the word social. They’re two way streets (not monologues). That’s why you shouldn’t just post content and move on. Instead, spend a few minutes each day interacting and getting to know people in your network. Simply respond to tweets, updates etc. The key again is to be social. Now you do this within reason and you don’t spend all day on social media networks. That’s another topic.

3. Include a link to your site on your profile page.

Your profile page is considered real estate and you must use all of your internet real estate to the full potential. This tip is simple but effective: Give people a reason to click through from the social media site to your blog or squeeze page. Your potential customer/client must get to know, like and trust you and this is a
Good way to get started.

4. Ask your followers/friends to retweet

On twitter your updates are called tweets and other sites my be updates or posts. If you create a “buzzworthy” post (such as a post on a hot or even controversial niche topic), ask your Twitter followers to “retweet” it. You can simply include “Plz RT” at the end of your tweets since there is a 140 character limit.

Now is the time to get involved if you’d like to grow your business. Social media is only expected to grow in the future. –You can start today by applying the four traffic-generating, relationship-building tips you just discovered!

There are many more tips and information to be shared around social media. I will share this and more during my I Rock on Twitter and Facebook Social Media Empowerment Coaching program.

Why should you listen to me?

I have a combined total of over 11,000 followers on Twitter and growing Facebook friends and likes to my Facebook pages and I didn’t use any gimmicks or other things to reach this point. If you want to learn more about social media join me for my Social Media Empowerment Virtual Days program. Click here to secure your place now!  

I was also named 1 of 25 urban entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter. Many of my clients have connected as a result of using Social Media.

There’s no time like the present to embark on your business empowerment journey through learned strategies and keys for your empowering success.

Empowering you!

Authentic Life and Biz Empowerment
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